About DPS Vadodara

Delhi Public School Vadodara

About DPS Vadodara

As one of the more recent additions to the DPS family, we come endowed with dynamic experience, gleaned over fifty years. This is largely the outcome of continuous process of innovation, both, in teaching methods as well as learning systems.

DPS, Vadodara emulates the banyan tree, from which the city of Vadodara derives its name. The institution is to provide the ultimate quintessence under which our children will receive the cool and conclusive environment for the growth of their body, mind and spirit.

The aim of our school is to help children acquire the values and skills essential for their growth into complete human beings. The school seeks to ensure that the children are able to develop their fullest potentials according to their unique natural ability.

Trinity of Learning Process in DPS Vadodara:

For us at DPS Vadodara, there is a trinity of the long process – the child, the teacher and the parent. All three have separate roles to play. While the journey through the school years can be very enriching, the school by itself cannot perform magic. For a child to come out with flying colours, the active participation of the teachers and the parents is mandatory. This is a pact sacrosanct to us.

Our Accomplished & Committed Faculty:

Our faculty is a well – established team of highly qualified professionals, who are committed to challenging and guiding young minds. Their complete dedication to the education of the child is the testimony to our spirit and sense of commitment. These gifted professionals not only teach, but also serve as advisors, coaches and counselors. Wonderful mentors, role models and friends. Our faculty is the true pulse of the school.

Student - Teacher Bond in DPS, Vadodara:

We, at DPS Vadodara, strongly believe in giving individual attention to each child. A healthy teacher–student ratio ensures that every child is taken as a special entity deserving attention and focus. At the same time, the faculty encourages every child to think independently, develop a capability of taking decisions and pursuing knowledge on their own.


Incultural Arena:

Besides academic excellence, education at DPS Vadodara ensures acquisition of correct and appropriate cultural sensibilities and an aesthetic view of life going beyond materialism. This encompasses encouragement of every Dipsite towards participation in cultural activities on and off the campus.

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