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Message from the Chairman

Amit Prakash - Pro-Vice Chairman

Let me reassure you at the very onset that the future of your child will be in the hands of a team that has inculcated the philosophy of the DPS society, which has over sixty years of innovation in education to back it.

Needless to say, our children are in the future. They are sent to school to be civilized. What they learn in the school will come up over again as long as they live. It is therefore our duty as parents and teachers together to make sure that our future leaders go through life equipped with all the skill that is mandatory to face the world that they will be a responsible part of, not as mere spectators, but as decision-makers; nay, leaders. Therefore, we need to make our students independent thinkers.

Delhi Public School Vadodara, is run by the same management i.e. Sanskriti Educational Society which runs Delhi Public School, Vadodara which has earned the Distinction of being Vadodara's No. 1 School within 11 years of its existence.

I wish them the very best in their venture.

Shri V.K. Shunglu
Chairman, DPS Society

Message from the Pro-Vice Chairman

Dear Parents Amit Prakash - Pro-Vice Chairman

The world today is in the midst of what is called the 'knowledge revolution'. It is a matter of great pride for us that India is the recognized leader of the movement. Our young men and women are acknowledged the world over. The intellect and worth of the young Indians is now sought after from the giants of the yester years. This is recognition of the merits of the educational environment that shapes and guides the young minds desperate to explore. Today the Indians lead as major contributors in the field of IT, Bio-Tech, Telecom and a host of other industries. Needless to mention, that the sound basic education provided by our schools is bearing the desired fruits. The focus has shifted from quantity to quality. In the coming days, quality alone will survive the onslaughts of competition. Hence, we at DPS Vadodara provide state of the art facilities for school education. We ensure that children passing through these corridors, over the years, will have acquired solid foundations and grooming to develop into personalities of reckoning in their own chosen field of endeavors.

Towards this goal we are committed and shall make no compromise.

Amit Prakash
Pro-Vice Chairman, DPS Vadodara

Message from the Trustee

Dear Parents Amit Prakash - Pro-Vice Chairman

Education defines the being of any existence. Education that imparts quality to thought and action is the real form of education. Mere degrees do not qualify in the making of a human being.

Delhi Public School, Vadodara, has volunteered to cast the mould for such necessary learning experience that shall remain etched in the persona of the children of Vadodara. At DPS, Vadodara, the learner oriented pattern's primary focus rests on the belief that teaching reaches its culmination when learning acquires it destined place in the personality of the learner.

The DPS objective is to bring best out in every child. Here we strive to foster an effort where the child learns by discovery. The school perpetually aims at refining the latent talents in the children while they surge towards better and higher accomplishments. It provides each child the opportunity to explore himself/herself so that he/she can judge his/her ability, temperament and aptitude. It also introduces acquisition of standardized knowledge that leads to education of high quality.

At DPS Vadodara, the child is trained to believe in himself/herself and grant to the society his/her unique contribution.

Gayatri Prakash
Trustee, DPS Vadodara

Message from the Principal

Amit Prakash - Pro-Vice Chairman

"The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action." Learning combines total concentration towards exploring the unknown and seeking the right. The ideal education trains a mind into authentic questioning and acceptance with proof and satisfaction. Education is a blend, a synthesis,an amalgamation of forces that urge curiosity and initiate action. Education is not always giving the right answer it is certainly, asking the right question!

The Indian tradition has long espoused the cause of learner oriented teaching guided by learner oriented teaching material. If we dwell into the ancient Indian tradition,we shall find the importance and relevance of experience oriented learning that has been the hallmark of Indian excellence through the ages. Reposing faith in the learner and recognizing the hidden potential, to give every individual the worth of his/her being, has been the most imperative essence of all progressive educational patterns.

Education at Delhi Public School Vadodara is an intensified focus on enabling the search of the individual within the learner. Effort is made to recognize and groom the quintessence that makes an individual THE INDIVIDUAL. The aim is to establish the pride of the learner while learning is advocated as a pursuit in self discovery where the pleasure and charm of achievement continues to remain the individual pride and possession of the learner.

"Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire." The education system at Delhi Public School Vadodara seeks to find relevance in process where the prowess of the learner is focused towards the world of wisdom. We venture to provoke and ignite that individual spark which is so inimitable and so personal to every child. Our objective is to help the learner realize the positives of his/her personality and work upon strengthening the same. Dwelling upon the fundamentals of content, the focus is on the creation of an atmosphere where learning is a natural outcome of experience and exposure. We believe that education should never be administered or inducted, it should just happen.

The school experience at Delhi Public School Vadodara combines a holistic blend of academics with a pleasurable array of cultural, literary and extra curricular activities complimented with games and sports to provide the basic fuel of individual exploration of the learner. Here, a multifaceted approach to the curriculum provides a platform that challenges young minds and draws them into duels of glory over the unknown. The educational structure is an attempt towards self-moulding, not instructed or inducted change.

Life is a perennial strive towards betterment. We shall always have "Promises to keep and miles to go before...sleep."

Dr. A. K. Sinha

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